The Roots of Belief

At its roots the meaning of the Kaddish prayer is the Jewish people’s belief in the bigger picture. If there ever was a nation that could have been excused for raising up its hands and saying thats it – no more surely they fit the bill. However many years of persucution, all the miles of wandering in exile the belief and yearning that we would one day return to our land never stopped. Next Year in Jerusalem was always on our tounges.

With all the pain that comes at a particular moment in time whether it be when slaves in Egypt or during the recent Holocaust we have always understood that we are part of the makeup of the Jewish people and that we have not been forgotten and that we will always survive and in the end thrive under our own rule.

One expects that the Kaddish prayer would be about the departed and or death. The opposite is the truth. Kaddish is our belief in life and therefore G_d himself.

The loss of a loved one turns the world upside down and plunges one into darkness. However, even when confronted by darkness we see the light that the kaddish brings us at every place and at every time. It is all about G_d and our peoples belief that He is with us in all times, in all places and in all undertakings. However hard this might seem if one looks closely the Hand of G_d can always be found. We might not realise it at the time but if we look back sometimes after a short period of time or sometimes after a historical era His Hand can be seen often with more ease than other occasions.

When we reach every year the yarzheit for a departed one, despite the sadness that one naturally feels one should also feel in an elevation due to all the signs we use: the candle, the kaddish the prayers and study. All these enable us and the soul of the departed to soar higher.


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