Bridge of Life

Too most of us at many stages in our lives I’m sure that we have wondered why did G-d let this happen. Why did such a young person suffer & die, why do wicked people benefit etc.
In his book Gesher HaChaim – The Bridge of Life – Rabbi Yechiel Tucazinsky says just this, that the world plan looks totally upside down
to us, with what we think is bad maybe being for the good and vice versa. Man with his capacity for going both ways – good and evil – would seem to be a perfect case study.
Many people/s past and present think that they could have done a better job – some have tried but all have failed.
Despite our limited human takings on things, we have to understand that G_d made the universe EXACTLY as He wanted it in accordance with His wisdom. This understanding means that from the smallest microbe at the bottom of the ocean up to the furthest star in space was made with purpose in the master plan that is called creation.
Rabbi Yechiel Tucazinsky therefore notes in The Bridge of Life that the above has even more significance in the role that the Kaddish plays as the mourner’s prayer. Even though the deep personal loss that is felt at the time of tragedy the mourner along with others recognises G-ds Hand in the world and that we accept his decisions and that we try to see the good that might be hidden away.
As we say in the last verse of the Kaddish – He who makes the peace in His heights will bless all of us with the insight to accept His decrees with our own peace of mind.


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