Different versions of Kaddish

There are 5 different versions of Kaddish that we say today.

The first is Kaddish D’Rabanan – The Rabbi’s Kaddish. This Kaddish is probably the most original of the different versions predating the destruction of the Second Temple. It used to be said by the Rabbi’s and scholars at the conclusion of their studies. Its setup is very similar to the Kaddish Shalem (see below).

The second Kaddish is the Chatzi Kaddish – the Half Kaddish. This Kaddish is said at the end of a section of prayers and is built up from 2 main paragraphs.

The third Kaddish is the Kaddish Shalem – the Full Kaddish. This is made up of the Chatzi Kaddish and another three lines added on at the end. The first of the additional lines asks for our prayers to be received and accepted and the last two ask for peace. The Kaddish Shalem is said at the closing of the service.

The forth Kaddish is called Kaddish Yatom – The Mourner’s Kaddish. The build of this Kaddish is exactly the same as the Kaddish Shalem with the exception of the first of the extra three lines mentioned in the previous paragraph being removed.
This Kaddish is said for the duration of the first eleven months after death and on the yahrzeit in each year.

The fifth Kaddish is Kaddish L’chad’ta. This is said by a person or persons upon completion of a tractate of Mishna or Talmud. The main difference with this Kaddish is that the first paragraph is changed to include a long statement with a request for the resurrection of the dead and the rebuilding of Zion.

Each of the different types of Kaddish have to be said with a quorum of ten men over the age of Barmitzvah (thirteen years old).


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