A Hidden Aspect of Purim

There are many hidden aspects of the Purim story. That Hashems name is not mentioned once in the whole of the Megilla is a reminder of the hidden Face / Hand of G_d within the message that we are meant to take out of this whole episode.

For starters why was the story taking place in the city of Shushan. The capital city of Achashveirosh’s kingdom was Madai. Achashveirosh wanted to show off to everyone the vessels of the Temple that had been captured seventy years earlier. One of the vessels captured had been a golden throne made by King Solomon. This itself weighed a massive amount and could not be moved with ease. The only place with a goldsmith capable of taking care of such a unique vessel was in Shushan.

What was so special concerning Shushan? Mordechai was there and not in Madai. Who was it that heard Bigtan & Teresh plotting? Mordechai. If Mordechai had not overheard that conversation who knows what would have happened to the Jewish People.

Therefore Mordechai was able to instruct Esther to carry out the plan that we read about in Megillat Esther every Purim. Of course, Hashem could have carried out His wonders in a different manner but he didn’t. This is the way that He chose to send His message to us.

We spend a lot of time wondering why a particular event happened at a certain time and place. More often than not we will not be able to fathom out the answer to the question. We need to be able to take a historical view of some small thing as to why in one city and not in another to be able to see how in this particular case the Jewish people were saved.

This basis of this was said to me by my son Avichai and is in memory of my father Moshe Ben Gavriel z”l whose yarzheit is on the 10th of Adar.


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