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“Har HaBayit is in our hands” or is it?

In 1948 the State of Israel come into being. After being attacked by many of its new neighbours the city of Jerusalem was not shalem – whole.If one wanted to see the old city it was from afar. It took another 19 years for the dream to come true and for the people to hear from Motta Gur z”l “Har HaBayit is in our hands,the Temple Mount is in our hands”. Rabbi Goren z”l blew the shofar at the Kotel (Western Wall), Jews started flocking to pray there for the first time for many of them. Since then we have been able to go and pray as free people at the Western Wall, however is Har HaBayit in our hands?
At the end of the six day war all of the Temple Mount was in our hands. Not for long as control was handed over to the Wakf. Why we might ask. Maybe will still are not worthy of it. In 1948 we did not merit the whole of Jerusalem being returned to us and the same for 1967.
No one denies that there were miracles done on our behalf during both these and other wars Israel has fought over the past 60 odd years but we have to remember where they came from – G-d. It is through Hashem’s goodness towards us that we have been able to reclaim first a big chunk of our land and then managing to add more as time goes by. It might take a while but we will get there.
“If I forget you, Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its skill.”